Artist Statement


Drawing from nature I work carefully on the placement of objects on a canvas to create a pleasing relationship between positive and negative spaces. First, carefully drawing the subject, then painting exclusively in oils, I begin to translate the three-dimensional onto a two-dimensional surface. I visually prefer using the square shape and enjoy the challenge of composing within this format.


In my current work I am exploring the relationships of colors to each other, how they interact, and the emotional mood they evoke in the viewer. The realistic rendering of central figure is in sharp contrast to the solid color fields on which it is placed giving it the illusion of space, depth and movement. Each canvas is created with a sense of optimism and a joie de vivre.


The constant desire to explore, collect, travel, and experience life is the distinguishing feature of my life and my art. My work is a fusion of  personal experiences and multiple aspects of 20th and 21st century art.